Friday Faves Ep. 8

1. Fashion

zara midi dress

Midi Dresses

I recently bought a midi dress from Zara, and I already have a feeling I’ll be getting a few more of them for this summer. They’re very flattering on all body-types, the appropriate length for any occasion, and so easy to style. All you need is a good pair of shoes, either some chunky platform sandals, heeled or lace-up espadrilles when you’re going out to brunch, or an elegant pair of heeled sandals (a la Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist) for a night on the town. Dresses with a pattern are particularly high up on my list as they’re so eye-catching.. and fun!

2. Accessory

nars velvet matte lip pencil cruella

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

Look at this! We’ve got a beauty item here for the first time. I thought I’d expand this category a bit and include makeup and beauty products. They do kind of count as accessories though right, since they can add so much to a look.

Red lipstick is one of those items that definitely makes a statement. Finding the right tone of red can be pretty tricky. After many trials and errors, and realizing lipsticks with a blueish undertone definitely don’t suit me, I came across Nars’s lip pencil in Cruella. It was the perfect shade for me. Besides it being a beautiful rose red, not too dark, not orange at all, this pigment-rich stick also has a lovely texture. Just like it’s name says, it feels like velvet when applied. Lip crayons like this usually dry out, flake, and accentuate a chapped pout, but not this one – it actually moisturizes pretty well. The only ‘issue’ I have with it is that after a while you need to reapply it to the inner part of your lips. Still, it’s a favourite of mine!

3. To listen

Tory Lanez – Controlla (Swave Session)

Once again Tory Lanez delivers a song that is straight up fire (as is his cover/remix of I Got The Keys). I can’t say this is better than the original, or that’s Drake’s version is. They sound like two completely different songs in my opinion with two different messages. Either way, I love dancing to it, it’s become my go-to “get ready and get sh*t done” song..
Also, wavy has become my new favourite word.

4. To watch

Mr Robot

Yesterday the world was blessed with two new episodes of Mr Robot, a critically acclaimed TV series that just got two Emmy nominations. The show follows Elliot (played by the talented Rami Malek), a computer programer who is recruited by a an underground group of hackers to take down corporate America.

Throughout the series Elliot addresses us (the viewers) through a number of voiceovers (Malek’s voice is so beautiful and soothing, he could be reading the phonebook and I’d still be mesmerized). It actually becomes unclear later on if it’s us he talks to or someone in his head, but either way it gives a lot of insight into his way of thinking. As the show progresses and the hackers have more influence over him, we are presented with a viewpoint of the world that really makes you think about our situation. The show comments a lot on our society, personal relations, big corporations, the government, the rich and the poor, all with a heavy dose of truth.

Season 1 is full of twists and turns, it’s smart and exciting, and most importantly really entertaining. I’m trying really hard not to comment too much on the show and spoil you. You have to reveal everything yourself the same way I did! With a lot of shock and amazement.

5. To live



It’s the season of school breaks and summer holidays, aka, the perfect time to pack your suitcases and go on an adventure. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about a two week vacation to a tropical paradise. Even if it’s just a weekend trip to the seaside, or a few days in a new city, it will be a good change. Experiencing a different culture, walking down unfamiliar streets, meeting new people, and just relaxing and taking some time to yourself is what we all need. Travel will rejuvenate, inspire, and motivate you; it will get you out of a rut if you’ve been stuck in one. That’s what 5 days in the Netherlands did for me! I recently posted a recap of my trip with city guides to both Amsterdam and Utrecht. If you’re in need of some travel inspo, give this link a click!


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