Friday Faves Ep. 9

1. Fashion

zara pompom pants

Pom Pom Pants

I walked into Zara yesterday. The sale section on the first floor was like a ghost town. Most shelves were almost completely cleared out, racks stood half empty.. It was a strange and unexpected scene. Not seeing anything worth browsing, I headed downstairs to check out the new collection. And boy did I find some awesome stuff!! I especially fell in love with these black linen pom pom pants!! They really reminded me of something the Man Repeller crew would wear (although I know they have a slight aversion to pants haha).
I can already imagine styling them in dozens of different ways. For one look, I’d go for colorful quirky slippers (ala Gucci Princetown mules | options 2, 3, 4, 5), flat pointy slingbacks, or really any statement flats that I would pair with a plain white top. I’d also wear with these pants a light blue off-the-shoulder number with some chunky heeled sandals, or boyfriend shirts, bodysuits, crop tops, you name it! 

2. Accessory

not me btw lol

not me btw 

Embroidered Straw Hats

Lately I’ve been seeing these Eugenia Kim sunhats everywhere on Instagram, and I’ve become obsessed. I in general love the idea of wearing a big straw hat to the beach for extra sun protection and extra glam effect. But now, with the addition of sequin embroidered messages they’ve become even more cool. My favourite model of the bunch is the “do not disturb” Sunny hat.
Only thing about them that might put you off is their price tag. Luckily there are lots of designers and businesses online that make pretty much the same hats at a more manageable price.

3. To listen

SZA feat. Felix Snow – Lies

I was ecstatic when I saw that one of my favourite producers created an awesome and catchy song with one of my favourite artists. How I hadn’t heard this before, I don’t know.
The song is very much Felix Snow, but definitely not the normal SZA. This deep house production is very uptempo, super dancy – the opposite of the chill, laidback R’n’B tunes we’re used to hearing from her. Nonetheless, the track is still able to express the emotion we always feel when listening to SZA.

4. To watch

Odd Mom Out

The second season of Odd Mom Out begun a few weeks ago and luckily confirmed what I already knew – that this show is comedy gold. The 20-min single camera series is created by and stars Jill Kargman, writer, actress, and author of the bestseller Momzillas. She adapted the book into a hilarious show that follows her character Jill (a fictionalized version of herself) as she tries to navigate her life in the Upper East Side that she doesn’t quite belong to. A former rocker chic with a bunch of tattoos, and skull pillows on her sofa, Jill is the opposite of the typical UES mom, or momzilla as she calls them. Her differences, or in fact normalcy, is what drives the narrative that makes fun of the socialites and ‘higher’ class of New Yorkers.
The writing is clever and funny, and even though I’m not married, or a mom of three, I can still relate to situations happening in Jill’s life (spinning class debacles anyone?)
Oh, and they had an entire episode dedicated to scoring impossible-to-get Hamilton tickets WITH some of the cast of the musical in it as random characters. It’s the best!

5. To live


Quality Time with Bae

Instead of playing Pokemon Go like apparently every young person on this planet is doing right now, I have been spending more time with the light of my life, my source of true happiness, my one and only squish, my baby boy, Denzel. My ‘To Live’ section for this week thus must be devoted to him. 


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